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July 26, 2004

Turd of the Week

Sandy Berger, why you gotta go stealin' classified papers and then act like its an accident? Don't we need to stay squeaky clean and leave the legal shenanigans to Bush and company?...

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Growing fat off juicy Iraqi rebuildin' contracts. Did you know the bin Laden group is one of our top investors?

screw all the other stockholders, we're cashing out!

Hey, what do you know? We make money from American militarily screwed up countries in the Middle East!

We're already negotiating with the “new Iraqi democracy” for oil rights!

Selling weapons all over the globe to ensure civilian death and instability which in turn ensures a strong market for years and years...

While the Crap Sickened Pundit vacations in Vegas (betting the entire Crap Sickened empire on lucky 13), we leave the rant-blog in the oh-too-capable hands of the good Professor. CSP returns on Aug 2 with a new view of existince, the celestial bodies and the rancid walnut rattling around in the void of President Bush's skull...
Professor Pissed Amps Off

Professor Pissed doesn't know whether to laugh, cry, or shrug her shoulders at the photograph of the plump, spoiled Jenna Bush -- looking like a bit like a barnyard pig -- sticking her tongue out at the camera in defiance which was circulated in international newspapers this week. Is it refreshing or grotesque to see a young woman in her twenties whose father virtually rules (or thinks he rules) the *free* world acting like an idiot?

As the Brits would say, she needs to stop whinging and find some dignity somewhere. It might take a long time to dig up any traces of it in the circles she travels in, but if she starts now, she might gain some by the time her drug- and drink-addled brain sinks into alzheimers....

Sorry to be so mean. It's just the thought of those dying Iraqis, not to mention Americans, fighting thousands of miles away while the family of the person who sent them lowers the level of public interface into moronic child's play.... Don't these people get it?

Having just returned from Southern France, where local newspapers wrote in bemused tones about the American hatred of all things French because of their stand on the Iraq war (articles remarked on "les frites française" becoming "les frites de la liberté" -- and, just think, John Kerry could actually read them!), it would seem that Jenna et al. might learn something from this loathed "enemy" country. They do have a way of rising above the fray when it really counts (though, admittedly, on a day to day basis they can sink pretty low -- witness French game shows, with the glitter and exposed flesh rivalling a Vegas extravaganza....).

At least Jacques Chirac and his handsome side-kick, Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, and -- one assumes -- their family members know how to use irony, a cool demeanor, and a knowledge of world affairs (yes, they have traveled beyond the boundaries of the hexagon; yes, they speak other languages) rather than overt expressions of ignorance and fatuousness (too bad Jenna didn't stick her fingers in her ears to complete the picture) to create an appearance that they understand the importance of their jobs. Maybe they are sticking their tongues out behind the scenes as well. But they have enough respect for the public not to show their tastebuds to the camera.

Where's Berlusconi when you need him? (Face-lift and all....)

What's next? Let's hope we don't have to see Jenna and Barbara moon the camera soon....

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