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5 Jan, 2004

Turd of the Week

Howie Dean, you and the rest of the Dems are re-enacting the Donner party's hunker down on the East side of the Sierra Nevadas. You're forgetting that the brass ring is Bush's ass and we've got to play for that. This infighting is just making Karl's job all the easier...

Blabbering Bush Head

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Iraq War Cost
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Growing fat off juicy Iraqi rebuildin' contracts. Did you know the bin Laden group is one of our top investors?

screw all the other stockholders, we're cashing out!

Hey, what do you know? We make money from American militarily screwed up countries in the Middle East!

We're already negotiating with the “new Iraqi democracy” for oil rights!

Selling weapons all over the globe to ensure civilian death and instability which in turn ensures a strong market for years and years...



The Shift to the Middle
There are signs of apparent sanity sweeping across Pennsylvania Avenue and beyond - Ashcroft recusing himself from the deliberately fruitless prosecution of the mysterious leaker, known only by the pseudonym of "Rarl Kove," the outpouring of US aid to earthquake stricken Iran, and talk of resuming fiscal responsibility.

All sounds great until you consider that it is strictly election posturing, enough to move to the center and co-opt the Dem thunder until November when the fat cat welfare, environmental rape and global plunder resumes. The Dems have to respond to the GOP maneuvering in the simplest of terms, which of course is the lexicon of the GOP success. The American people are starting to recognize that Bush's administration is composed of the most egregious liars in the history of the American Presidency and are waking up to the pitiful and regrettable truth that is America's capitulation to selling out our nation's interest simply out of pure paranoia.

Professor Pissed - Terror, Terror and a Little Bit More Terror

Has terror itself been the most effective weapon for the Bush administration? How many planes do they have to ground in order to complete their brainwashing "Orange Alert," fully terrifying the American public so as to justify their erosion of civil liberties? Does placing armed marshals on board planes make anyone feel safer? Does it worry anyone that Air France, just to take one example, is employing convicted convicts as air marshals? How many guns will it take to make the world safe for "democracy" (aka American-style global capitalism)? How many terror alerts will it take to make the American people, in their vast and self-willed ignorance, pine for the increased "protection" provided so generously and willingly by Bush's anti-terror apparatus?

Is anyone in the States, other than intellectual-type journalists such as Lawrence Wright in the January 5 New Yorker, still talking about how and why the US persecuted Iraq this year while the Saudis, whose citizens comprised the majority of the 9/11 terrorists and whose government is equally dictatorial, are still warmly embraced by the Bush administration? Will Rumsfeld someday rue the day when he was photographed sucking up to the Saudi royal princes as much as he must regret unctuously shaking Saddam Hussein's hand as part of his efforts (as Reagan's Middle-East envoy) to romance the Iraqi leader in 1983, glossing over the Iraqi gassing of the Kurds, later used by the Bush administration to tar Saddam as an evil dictator)? Will the American public recognize the massive hypocrisy at work in the machinations of the Bush administration as it attempts to control the source of oil by maintaining a chummy alliance with a heinous regime in Saudi Arabia and remake the Middle-East in its image, while spouting off publicly about "democracy"?

Will the Bush administration, in its new-found public image as humanitarian saviors of earthquake-shattered Iran, reverse its public assessment of Iran as part of the terrifying "axis of evil" menacing the world in spite of the heroic efforts of the American military?

Who will be our next enemy if Iran and Libya have dislodged themselves from the axis of evil, Syria? And why would anyone believe Qadaffi when he makes promises, anyway? Why would anyone believe Bush believes Qadaffi and isn't just using the Libyan leader's supposedly new-found allegiance to American ideals as yet another propaganda ploy?

Why can't we all just be friends, anyway?

Because it serves the purposes of the powers that be that we retain a picture of the world as divided into white (good) and black (evil) domains. Terror lives on....

The good professor loves her state funded health care, doesn't mind the drizzle, but is having trouble finding a good Superbowl party.

Bush Knew
In a sickening repeat of several other earth-shattering delays of huge news, the old news that Bush was informed of Al Qaeda's hijacking intentions is gaining new legs as supporting facts come in to play. New revelations are seeping into the otherwise complacent mainstream media with increasingly difficult questions. Warnings with alarming specificity were being shouted at the White House, which grew increasingly impatient at the monotonous alarms.

Yet somehow, the Rove-inspired and media perpetuated illusion persists that Bush is the protector, the tough guy we need to crush terrorists and subjugate any parts of the world who won't yield to our will. Of course, many clues point to a Bush who squandered intelligence that could have save thousands of American lives and the hundreds of billions that he has had to spend to prove to the world he's one tough badass muthafucka.

Appeals to animal instincts of fear and revenge... the last refuge of the cowardly

Blame Canada
America has always regarded our neighbors to the north like the pesky young kid down the block - he wants to hang out with us and we grudgingly indulge him until our cool buddy starts hanging out and then we make fun of the kid and take turns giving him Indian burns. No sooner than the mad cow issue hit the paper, the Bush-led FDA began looking for a scapemoose. And the Canadian Indian burns began.

Never mind that the Bushies fought regulations on the beef industry that are universally held as the best way to protect the beef industry and the public health from bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Once again, they sought to protect industry from the ravages of big government imposing inefficiencies, in this case preventing industrial meat grinders from turning a steer that can't walk or even stand up into 10,000 Big Macs.

Funny how the avowed conservative wing of the GOP is starting to wince at the new form of big government that is stretching its tentacles, overseas and in libraries and airports, now even capitulating to public health fears.

Relax America. It's just a slow wasting of the brain. You won't even feel it happening. It will actually make acceptance of the Bush agenda easier.

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