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14 July 2003
Happy Birthday Prof Pissed!

Turd of the Week

While soulless Colin Powell normally would snag the golden ass nugget with his criteria for WMD deceit, George Tenet walks away this week with the Stuckey's Butt Log for his chumpish loyalty in taking the blame for Bush's baldfacer.

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Civilian casualties update
This data is an accounting of civilian deaths in Iraq to date.
See Iraqbodycount.net for statistical methodologies


Growing fat off juicy Iraqi rebuildin' contracts. Did you know the bin Laden group is one of our top investors?

screw all the other stockholders, we're cashing out!

Hey, what do you know? We make money from American militarily screwed up countries in the Middle East!

We're already negotiating with the “new Iraqi democracy” for oil rights!

Selling weapons all over the globe to ensure civilian death and instability which in turn ensures a strong market for years and years...


Tenet Becomes Bush's Bee-Hotch
The Bush war justification is slowly unraveling, one lie at a time. The most obvious of his lies to date is the claim that Iraq was seeking enriched yellow-cake uranium from Niger. SOTC.com has faithfully chronicled the widespread knowledge of this hoax within the White House months before the State of the Union message. Now, painted into a corner, Bush does something politically amazing - he gets the CIA to take the bullet, when the hoax knowledge has been documented within the White House extensively prior to the SotU message, including the CIA removing a similar statement from a White House speech in 2002.

The CIA is on record expressing significant prior doubt on the Niger nuke nonsense and advising the President against reliance on the document universally rebuked as a hoax. Bush claims the CIA, among many other agencies, were allowed to review his speech prior to recitation and the CIA silence on the issue must now be construed as equivalent to providing Bush with misleading information. In fact, the inclusion of that misinformation was a political decision, the type of which the Bush White House has gotten away with repeatedly with all their friends in the once liberal media. Now that the shit is hitting the fan, he has asked and has received the CIA's blessing to take the fall for a political lie. Then he tells America that he still has faith in Tenet. Astounding.

Condi Rice set up the fall for the CIA, Tenet put the noose on and W pushed the button. From a purely political observation point of view, it is really amazing that Bush got Tenet to take the fall for him. It would work too, if it weren't well documented that Cheney sent investigators to Africa in 2002 to investigate the claim only to return with utter refutation.

Professor Pissed - Sweltering in the African Heat

A banner week for the Bush administration. Five days visiting five countries in Africa, spouting off about compassion ("We are not only a powerful nation, we are also a compassionate one" -- oh, really?). And the launching of a sleuth attempt to change the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, a reform measure put into effect by the Roosevelt administration which has protected workers from abuse and assured them of overtime pay (Bush wants to shift the classification of workers so that businesses can decide whether or not to pay them overtime).

Both of these initiatives, as always, are nefarious acts veiled by mists of self-serving PR. Africa serves a multiple purpose: to divert attention from the failing economy and the failure of the war in Iraq, supposedly over but with continuing casualties (two U.S. soldiers killed yesterday -- and how many Iraqis?) and no sign of "ace of spades" Saddam (the incendiary deck of cards with Iraqi targets aside); to create the illusion that Bush cares about anyone outside of his wealthy group of oil-industry cronies, not the least poor black people in foreign countries with AIDS (talk about killing several birds with one stone); to convey an image of Bush as actively engaged in cultures he had never heard of a few months ago (this is a man who never traveled beyond his own vast Texas properties, with their extension at Yale University, until he had to); and to give him the opportunity to proclaim his loathing for the legacy of slavery in the US (prompted by Condoleezza and Colin, seemingly motivated by a sudden burst of black pride, otherwise long suppressed in their climb to Republican power).

Just imagine an American president making a five-country visit to Europe in five days. Bush might have gotten confused, thinking he was visiting five provinces of a unified nation -- a more reasonable foreign policy initiative than flitting through five completely autonomous countries, for less than a full day each. Or maybe, just maybe, this African trip is yet another hollow PR ploy on Bush's part.

As for the attempt to debase Roosevelt's pro-worker initiative, what else is new? Yet the Bush administration continues to astound in the extent to which they attempt to insinuate their tentacles of power into every realm of American life. It's difficult, though, to imagine how a group of people could be so unilaterally bent on destroying the chances for survival of anyone outside of their Republican aristocracy (which benefits from screwing the working classes). What are they achieving by such malicious and greedy policies other than an increase in their own wealth and power? How can they continue to get away with creating the illusion that Bush is a "nice guy" and looking out for everyman/woman's interests? Where the hell are the democrats in this picture (aside from Howard Dean, presidential hopeful from Vermont who is unhesitating in his expression of disgust for Bush administration policies, they seem to be fighting over who gets to kiss Bush's wrinkled Africa-voyaging fanny first).

The attempt this week on the part of right-wing student interest groups and Republican politicians in North Carolina to demonize Barbara Ehrenreich's book, "Nickled and Dimed," assigned by UNC, Chapel Hill as Freshman reading, simply reiterates in the most explicit way the Republican party's overt antagonism to the working classes. To excoriate a book that, in the most compassionate way, tries to demonstrate the impossibility of surviving on a working class salary in the US today, as an "antifamily," "classic Marxist rant" per the ad sponsored by the student group "The Committee for a Better Carolina" in the Raleigh News and Observer (July 9) or as "intellectual pornography" and "indoctrination," as Republican North Carolina legislators did this week, is simply foul beyond comprehension. Quoting from the Heritage Foundation (so objective a source), the CBC decries Ehrenreich's putative bias (they also rant against the University's assignment of a book about the Qur'an to Freshmen following 9/11). Go figure. I guess you're not biased as long as you're advocating for the rich -- that would be "objectivity," pure and simple.

Where is this country headed with such radical anti-worker rhetoric and laws? This country is going down some kind of toilet -- and it reeks of sewage to me. At least in Europe and South America class difference is openly acknowledged. The US of course has a 200 year long history of pretending that class difference is transcended by the American dream -- a myth that inevitably serves the interests of the ruling classes. Gee, that would be just like the Bush family.

You'd think that loading up the Clampett-mobile and heading to the UK would dampen our good Professor's invective? Hell no, padre!
Look for the good Professor to serve as SOTC.com's European correspondent as she masters the British accent that will save her from universal scorn throughout the Continent.

Colin Explains it All...
Colin "I hope the Devil is enjoying the use of my soul as his doormat" Powell laid it out in plain twisted English as he was asked about the Niger Nuke Nonsense:

"There was sufficient evidence floating around at that time that such a statement was not totally outrageous or not to be believed or not to be appropriately used."

Forgiving his assault on the laws of grammar which, if applied correctly would serve as an admission that there was sufficient evidence that the statement was not to be believed, we can distill the criteria for the Bush administration's standards of research rigor. If evidence is floating around that is "not totally outrageous" it is acceptable to present to the American people as fact. Ideas floating around which are partially outrageous fall well within this wide net of Bush-fact.

On the one hand, we should applaud Powell's candor for explaining, albeit circuitously, the methodology behind the lies used by his pimp in selling a war to media savvy deficients in which tens of thousands have died for some purpose apparently not appropriate to share with the taxpayers who funded the whole assassinations.

Exit Strategy
The Bush strategy for war was a tad oversimplified on the whole dehydrated democracy plan. In order to extricate from the quagm... I mean the recent unpleasantness, Bremer is putting together a quick everything-is-better-now-so-here-are-the-keys-to-the-government-see-ya! strategy for the newly appointed Iraqi counsel. Our old buddy Ahmad Chalabi is head cheese (Google that muthafucka for some ugly reading) with an Iraqi assortment of Benneton commerical ministers.

Since every other aspect of non-optimal peacemaking has been Iraq's fault to date, watch the Bushies to depict the resulting mess as George Tenet's fault.

A Little Vacation Reading
The Crap Sickened Pundit spent a little time on vacation brushing up on his long atrophied book reading skills. One memorable morsel of literary consumption was Jews for Buchanan, by John Nichols and David DesChamps. This book chronicles the various methods employed by the Bush-trumps-Democracy machine to ensure Jeb's state got delivered to W, no matter what ethical, legal or democratic obstacles stood in their way.

It features the media spin control correographed by Karl Rove with great help from the Bush cousin who ran the news division of Fox"News", the utter intrusion of the Supreme Court in a political squabble (now roundly recognized as beyond the ballywick of the Judicial branch), but perhaps the most blatantly illegal and partisan tool used in the theft of the election was the role played by Katherine Harris, who selected which counties recounts would be considered and which would be rejected. In an unstartling non-coincidence, she methodically rejected recounts from counties known to be Democratic strongholds (Dade, Palm Beach) while allowing recounts from counties known to favor Bush (panhandle clinic bombers). This selective, highly partisan and utterly shameful ploy (with capitulation from the media and mousy Democrats) ensured the ill-gotten win for Bush.

"Get over it! You lost!" are the cries from the right side. Fair enough, you stole it fair and... well, you stole it anyway. But it is a clear demonstration of the pattern of lies and corruption that serve as the foundation of the court-annointed presidency and continue into his subversion of the very democratic principles he is sworn to uphold.

Speaking of Reading...
North Carolina, which holds a special significance in the Crap Sickened Pundit's heart, may be rid of Helms in the Senate, but his hateful and fringe worldview still holds sway in much of the tarheel state.

The thirty five liberal North Carolinians may recall last year's brouhaha over the required reading for incoming UNC freshpersons. There was a book assigned that dealt with understanding the Qu'ran. Like a match to the gin-soaked corpse of Strom Thurmond, a conflagration ensued, with conservative self-labelled "Christians" screaming that the State was trying to convert students to a gutter religion by insidiously exposing them to the ideas of another culture whom we are working hard at demonizing for the purposes of war palatability. Ultimately, the NC congress intervened (you know, the ones who determine funding for higher education) and struck down the required reading. Victory to the Christian Thought Police.

Now, the incoming class is being required to read Barbara Ehrenreich's book, "Nickled and Dimed," a chronicle of the author's series of minimal wage jobs and conditions under which many of our voiceless Americans toil on a daily basis. The book is being denounced (see Prof Pissed's rant above) in the press and in the legislature as communist trash. It makes one wonder what exposure into the minimum wage working class these opponents prefer...

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