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29 Dec, 2003

Turd of the Week

George Bush, could we close out this horrible year without TOW'ing you one last time? You are after all responsible for all the deaths, the squandered goodwill, the future crippling deficits and moral corruption that is rotting America from within. Happy Fuckin' 2004, ya' ass.

Blabbering Bush Head

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Iraq War Cost
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Civilian casualties update
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Growing fat off juicy Iraqi rebuildin' contracts. Did you know the bin Laden group is one of our top investors?

screw all the other stockholders, we're cashing out!

Hey, what do you know? We make money from American militarily screwed up countries in the Middle East!

We're already negotiating with the “new Iraqi democracy” for oil rights!

Selling weapons all over the globe to ensure civilian death and instability which in turn ensures a strong market for years and years...



Our Saviour Keeps Us Safe
This holiday season we are surrounded with high alerts, orange alerts, and all sorts of warnings of impending terror with bridges, airplanes and crowded places. Our leadership does its level best to communicate the horrific dangers that lurk around every corner, every second of every day, so that we never let our guard down for even the fraction of a second it will take a terrorist to snuff out our precious American lives. The incessant drone of terror warnings are necessary to ensure that each and every member of the populace never, ever forgets that we live in a time of fear, anxiety and imminent destruction.

We are often warned, as has been especially the case this holiday, of vague, non-specific, yet imminently terrifying terrorist chatter. There are no specific preventive actions we citizens can take. We simply must acknowledge the immense impending threat on our precious American lives each and every second of every day. This acknowledgement of unrelenting fear is the centerpiece of His plan.

But by the grace of our saviour, we are safe, if only for the moment. For only through our unquestioning faith in Him, we are safe. If He wants to detain us and deprive us of our rights, we shall not question. If our saviour deems a threat may exist at some point in the future, we shall not question Him as He leads us into battle preemptively. We need no corroboration, for only He knows of the future. We can do no more than to simply worship, by festooning our homes and public lives with iconography of our collective purpose, and to reveal all who question His plan as counter to the public good, which only He can define.

For without His protection, all the horrors of which He speaks will be visited upon us.

Professor Pissed - Wistful, Ex-Pat Year-end Thoughts

As the old year passes to the new, just a few highly politicized thoughts on having left the USA.
It's fantastic to leave behind:
1. the Bush administration (if he'd only stay out of the UK altogether -- I couldn't bear another PR extravaganza if he comes here again -- I'd rather be forced to read front-page stories about the Queen's Corgi, attacked by her daughter's terrier.... and tragically killed);
2. the Bush administration (if only Blair would stop kissing Bush's ass and stand up for the old "Empire" and its autonomous concerns and needs);
3. the Bush administration (that odious constitution-busting so-called president, who manages to give the impression of "straight talk" as he lies out of both sides of his mouth and the other end too; his grotesque family with their hidden alcoholism, drug abuse, corporate thievery, and personal thievery (remember Jeb Bush's wife being caught trying to sneak through customs with thousands of dollars of merchandise?), and their sickeningly self-serving and dangerous cronies, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all);
4. the Bush administration (and the Republican party and their toady in the gubernatorial mansion in California -- oh, yes, I know an impression has been forged that Arnie is his "own man" -- he's an actor after all);
5. the Bush administration (and the mealy-mouthed, pathetic legions of politicians who consider themselves Democrats and don't even have the guts to stand up to Bush systematically, or the creativity and intelligence to offer something alternative; and, at the same time, who try to bring down Howard Dean and any other "renegade" candidate who isn't as mediocre as themselves)
6. the Bush administration (and all Republicans who actually believe in the actions and platform of their party; and maybe those who don't, who vote just out of personal expediency -- they might be even worse)
7. the Bush administration (and the poor, hapless American meat industry -- and industry it is -- or, rather, for the millions of cows that will be uselessly slaughtered now that mad cow disease has made its American debut (you'd think they could test more than 1% of cows like other countries do -- and, gee, maybe even stop feeding the cows offal?; and those unfortunate corporations like McDonalds, which will have to rethink their menu selection)
8. the Bush administration (well, you get the idea....)

And just a brief, less facetious, word for those killed and injured in the huge earthquake in Iran, for the muslims living in France under politically confused and largely racist conditions, for the Palestinians and Israelis victimized by the terrorism of religious and military fundamentalists on both sides, for the kids in the American and British militaries fighting (yes, there is still fighting in "post-war" Iraq) for a hopeless, even pointless cause.

What a sad year, politically speaking, for the world. It's hard to feel optimistic for 2004. Of course, Bush could always lose. But then again, once he digs up Osama out of some dug-out a convenient month before the next election..... it will be in the bag, as they say. Or in the hole.

The good professor acknowledges the significant consumer detriment of the Value Added Tax, but she doesn't miss the Biggie Sizes.

Christmas Influenza Reading
Just spent the past few days of fever delirium reading a number of books, including Al Franken's romp through the Lying Liars on the right. While it's a bit slow going, initially engaging in nit-picking pot shots at the talking skulls of Fox "News", once the book hits its stride it is a terrifyingly well-documented analysis of the culture of deception wrought by the right wing troika of media/politicians/corporations. We're not talking about simple interpretations of arcane statistics. Nope, these lies are the verbiage being fed directly to the public as factual underpinnings of policy upheavals.

"By far the majority of my tax cuts go to those at the bottom." - This complete and utter lie is exposed.

The Clinton vigilance toward terror is exposed in stark contrast with Bush's Operation Ignore, including great quotes from Bush insiders wondering about the Clinton team's obsession, during the transition, with some tiny group called "Al Qeada."

The noted improvements Clinton made to the American military, which were instrumental in the rapid takeover in Iraq.

The calculated and baseless slander job against the departing Clinton staffers who allegedly trashed the White House.

Rather than use the typical Fox punditry technique of bluster and unsubstantiated outrage, Al uses humor and most importantly, verifiable quotes, objective observations and official statistics - often from groups with a noted right wing bias, to lay his case before the reader. The hideous right-wing agenda shrivels in the harsh light of truth.

Good read.

Fasten Your Seatbelts, 2004 is Coming...
Like most Americans, I watched 2002 come to a close with little realization that 2003 would be the horrific mess it became for America, and by extension, the world. What's in store for 2004?

Will the Bushies make any substantive progress in bringing Iraq into the league of decency? At best this is a subjective call. Betcher bottom dollar the Bushies, via their mouthpieces in the mainstream media will depict a new oasis of democracy in which some terrifying rogue elements remain that only faith in Him can address.

Will the economy continue to improve? Signs point to yes, for pent up consumer demand and inventory paucity will drive a resurgence. However, as no credible economic theory supports the trickle-down approach of Bush, it will be disingenuous for Bush to take the credit for it that his team will no doubt take. Further, it will be interesting to see just when, the inescapable drag on recovery that is the government bulging, deficit spending fat cat giveaways will erode the progress made. Rest assured the Bushies will throw any money necessary at occluding this inevitability until after the election.

Will they finally capture Beard? Some feel they already have Beard on ice, and are waiting for the most politically expedient time to roll him out. I doubt that, although there is great political value in ensuring the American populous is steeped in fear. For in this state, great rollbacks on freedom and liberty will be tolerated.

All shades of politicians time their moves in the months leading up to re-election, solely for political gain. I predict, however, we will see a GOP grab for ultimate unshakeable power that will find no precedent in American history. Russian, Chinese, German, perhaps, but not in American history.

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