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You gotta stick with the one you brought to the dance. This week's TOW goes most deservedly to George Walker Bush for his new insights (incites?) into our economic woes

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Bush on Our Economic Mess, Part 1
It seems that it has recently come to the attention of the Bush administration that America is suffering from some sort of economic badness. Yes, the crack staff of economic advisors have been able to determine, through astute analysis and in-depth data collection, what millions of Americans learned over the past two years via pink slippage - namely, that the job market sucks.

Fear not, oh beleaguered job seekers and disenfranchised! Bush is going to help you by:

  • Letting you pay no taxes on stock dividends - regardless of whether or not you are homeless, broke or even a fat cat contributor to the Republican Party.
  • Speeding up voodoo economics tax break schedules - You get less yoke on your ox, which doesn't do squat if you can't afford an ox.
  • Giving you $300 cash back so you can stimulate the economy your own damn selves
  • Throwing a bone to the middle class in the form of extended unemployment benefits and "re-employment accounts."

Look, the unemployment benefits are a good thing, but before we do backflips over Bush's rare capitulation to sensibility, consider the outcry if it wasn't included. It's such a no-brainer that even Bush could see he had to provide some token gesture to the middle class.

screw all the other stockholders, we're cashing out!

Hey, what do you know? We make money from American militarily screwed up countries in the Middle East!

We're already negotiating with the “new Iraqi democracy” for oil rights!

Selling weapons all over the globe to ensure civilian death and instability which in turn ensures a strong market for years and years...

Bush on Our Economic Mess, Part 2
So George is now explaining the inter-relation of our commitment to killing lots of Iraqis and our inability to find meaningful employment. You see, it goes like this: We have to save our country's economy by invading Iraq. Why? well, because if we let Saddam attack us with nukes, then our economy is too frail to handle that.

So, Bush feels an Iraqi nuclear attack is likely enough that we need to invade in order to forestall the economic impact of an Iraqi attack. George, nobody believes Saddam has anything close to a nuclear delivery capability and the depths to which you will sink in order to market his war are totally pathetic. Good thing we are a gullible nation and won't dig the millimeter depth needed to recognize this is full of crap.

Professor Pissed!!!
Sanctioned Greed
Ah, Bush's new tax plan. How consistent of him. Reagan was the first to legitimate greed as a basis for federal economic policy -- Bush continues that legacy with his new plan to remove taxes from stock dividends, owned only by the wealthier classes, as a stimulus to the economy. The news media fall in line, one after another reporting on the "Stimulus Plan" or crowing that "Bush Offers Tax Cuts to Spur Growth" (the front page of the LA Times, January 8) -- as if it is a fact that his plan will stimulate the economy.

Am I the only person who remembers how effective Reagan's tinkle-down privileging of the rich benefited the less privileged classes (hey, it's fine to get as rich as you can at the poor's expense -- we'll pretend the profits you make will ultimately tinkle down to improve their standard of living, and kick them off wellfare and eliminate social programs to boot!). Wasn't
that the era when the gap between the rich and poor began to widen precipitously in the USA?

Am I the only person over the age of 30 who remembers the 1970s oil crisis? Who remembers the social activism of the late 1960s and 1970s, and the ideals of helping others and making a difference that lay behind activist movements? Who reads enough to know, historically, why politicians invent enemies when political or economic times get tough? Who sees through what the Republicans are doing to this country while most of the Democratic politicians either rush to kiss their self-appointed royal heinies or come up with their own watered down versions of "compassionate conservatism".

Obviously not. So why do I feel so isolated from what the media tells me is the mainstream in my outrage at the current administration's ongoing policies to screw the poor and middle classes, to promote excessive energy consumption, to thwart environmental safeguards, to trick a seeming majority (at least of voters) in the country into thinking that conservatism can be "compassionate" when, by definition, it has historically worked in the interests of the rich and powerful against the needs of the majority poor and middle class -- ?

The thread here is greed. Under the current self-appointed presidential regime, politically and socially sanctioned greed. We seem to have lost sight of that old-fashioned idea, which was apparently annihilated during the Reagan administration, that it is ethically important to think of others before oneself, to think of community over individual gain.Greed has come to dominate American culture to such an extent that politicians and the right-wing interest groups that seem to have them in their pockets can state with a straight face that driving SUV's is an American right, that owning assault rifles is what it means to live in a "free" country, that we must uphold "democratic values" by enforcing our political will on other countries (that's a nice contradiction) in order to keep the oil flowing so we can continue using massively more non-renewable energy per capita than people from other nations.

Since when did democracy come to mean the freedom to be greedy? Since when did democracy mean unfettered capitalism (when it serves those in power) combined with political strongarming (to maintain our lifestyles)? When did democracy get divorced from social ideals?

Professor Pissed is a Los Angeles based writer, professional rabble-rouser, antagonist of the elite and recently out-of-retirement fencer. Go Professor, Go!!!

Korea, reuniting and it feels so...?
In a shrewd move, North Korea is playing the Korean unity card to lure their own reviled countrymen to the south over to the all-one-Korea side of nuclear sympathy. Yep, they are finding a lot of anti-American sentiment in the south that they can exploit in driving a wedge between Seoul and their imperialist partners.

Hey, Pyongyang is freaking scary folks. They routinely starve their people and alienate the world in order to cling to power. So they are the villians not us, right? Well, yeah they're villains, but our nation-crushing foreign policy is giving them all the fodder they need to proceed with their evil plans. Chuck Krauthammer (God, what a perfect name!) wants to solve the problem by forcing Nukes on Japan (what do they know about nuclear weaponry, anyway?)

The plot sickens and we're seeing the first of many horrific consequences of our bellicose foreign policy which sees military coercion as the prime directive, global perception be damned.

Saddam weapon watch
Sadly for Bush, Blix and company are unable to find substantive violations of Saddam's arms violations. Are they really in compliance after all? I highly doubt it, but without a smoking gun, America will look like the military juggernaut that it is becoming, intent on destroying nations and thousands, perhaps millions of innocent lives in order to settle a grudge.
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