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Turd of the Week

Bill Frist, ardent champion of oppressed Pharmaceutical mega-corporations wins for his Pavlovian support of Charles Pickering's nomination as Bush's Federal Appellate Judge.

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The Spirit of Trent Lott Lives!!!
Remember the failed nomination of Charles Pickering to the Federal Appeals Court? You don't? Well, Pickering was assailed by Dems for his historical hostility toward the 14th ammendment, which guarantees one vote per person in America. Pickering's term for this staple of democracy is "oppressive." He continues to view discrimination cases with utter skepticism, claiming that if the EEOC has determined a case to lack merit, then he is predisposed to discount it. That'd be just great except: the EEOC is woefully understaffed (Thanks to Ronnie and George HW) and can only evaluate 3.5% of its caseload.

Of further interest is Pickering's admitted involvement with the notorious Mississippi Sovereignty Commission and his squirrelish admission (after many attempts to distance himself) of having materially supported groups who practiced violent resistance to federal civil rights initiatives. Source

Now that those pesky Democrats are out of the way, the majority can more silently and efficiently work toward gutting the few remaining avenues of redress the disenfranchised have. Minority party, can we find a backbone somewhere, please?

But I'm sure his lawn-boy is colored, so he couldn't possibly be predjewdissed, now couldn't he?

screw all the other stockholders, we're cashing out!

Hey, what do you know? We make money from American militarily screwed up countries in the Middle East!

We're already negotiating with the “new Iraqi democracy” for oil rights!

Selling weapons all over the globe to ensure civilian death and instability which in turn ensures a strong market for years and years...

Bush on Our Economic Mess, further thoughts
Hey, guess what! The critics are finally finding their voices. Yep, the public is looking at the Bush plan and figuring out it does nothing of substance to invigorate the economy beyond the one week surge in DVD sales and Hummer down-payments that will no doubt accompany the distribution of voter buy-out checks.

The premise, Mr. President, of a stimulus package, is to encourage long-term confidence among consumers and investors in the direction of the economy. And except for a brief euphoria on Wall Street which was consumed by losses the following day, there is nothing in the package that promises an upturn in the economy.

Some Rare Good News!
Illinois Governor Ryan has recognized the inherent flaws in rewarding poorly defended criminals with the death penalty. The uncertainties of guilty convictions have always existed. The breakthroughs of DNA testing have only pointed out just how many convictions are illegitimate. While boneheads insist that this forensic breakthrough means that now we can execute with certainty of guilt, keep in mind that most capital crimes have no DNA evidence to begin with. So, if we extrapolate the wrongful conviction rate of death row inmates based on refuting DNA evidence (which is from 10% - over 50% depending on your source), we will still be killing an inordinant number of innocent people.

The American public should ask themselves what an acceptable innocent execution rate for capital punishment is- 1%, 5%, 20%? because there will never be such thing as a 0% error rate.

How do you solve a problem like Korea?
Yes the brazen defiance of Kim Jong Il is a carefully orchestrated display of belligerence familiar to any one who has parented a 4 year-old. Negative attention is attention.

While conservatives insist that this is mess with Carter Clinton written all over it, while my ilk tends to disparage Bush's schoolyard bully rhetoric, let's be realistic- it's Kim who is the cause of this. There, now that that's settled, let's think of better ways to address this issue than to refuse to negotiate and to beat the war drums in a vague yet ultimately hollow way.

W, you volunteered them for the axis of evil, called Kim a "pygmy" and then let Rumsfeld brag about two wars at once. Kim, whose regime is precipitously dangling over the edge of utter implosion, doesn't have many cards to play when backed into this rhetorical corner. But he plays the few ones he has. The bellicose name calling sells really well over here, where public opinion lives in the minds of the stunted boys' room of our national pop conscious, but Bush might want to consider that having his constitutents give a rousing Jerry Springer round of screaming whoops is not necessarily the end-goal of foreign policy. He may want to consider the minor detail of not helping the world destroy itself before his first term is over. Just a thought

Saddam weapon watch
Still looking.
If anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of Saddam's secret arsenal, please contact the State Department. You will get a free T-shirt and a lifetime supply of sweet Iraqi crude.
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