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Tossing aside all challengers, George W. Bush pushes into the lead with his MLK birthday timed refutation of preferences based on race and circumstance, now that he's accomplished everything in his life by leveraging race and circumstance.

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Bush Decision Signals End of Racism in America
In a defining admission that racial differences are no longer an issue in the American cultural mileu, Bush is pushing to sue the University of Michigan for seeking to ensure a diverse student body as an essential component of higher education. Now that all African Americans are firmly in the palm of Rove and the elephants from their decisive action to purge the final vestige of racism, Trent Lott, from the face of earth, or at least his most visible Senate role, Bush has signaled that America has finally reached the level of color-blindness that renders such ameliorative actions as pro-active diversity irrelevant.

Boy, it was a long wait, but I guess it was only a matter of time until all the racial impediments in our culture were corrected. Next up, the Bush reparations bill, where borderline honkeys (an area of particular expertise for W) denied their rightful place in law schools, non-janitorial positions in higher education and positions of political power can seek reparations from Oprah, Michael Jordan and Robert Johnson, whose ascentions to power was obviously sponsored wholly by the evil liberal left.

screw all the other stockholders, we're cashing out!

Hey, what do you know? We make money from American militarily screwed up countries in the Middle East!

We're already negotiating with the “new Iraqi democracy” for oil rights!

Selling weapons all over the globe to ensure civilian death and instability which in turn ensures a strong market for years and years...

Bush on Our Economic Mess, further thoughts
$342,000 - the amount that Dick Cheney will personally stimulate the economy this year alone, under the Bush plan.

Professor Pissed - She's back... and she's pisseder!
What is it about the Bush administration? Does Bush wake up every morning and think, "What can I do next to infuriate, disgust, and throw into despair the people in this country who voted for Gore and Nader?" Every day a new outrage perpetrated by Bush and his cronies ruins my sense of equanimity.

The latest? In the midst of scheming to wage war in Iraq (where no evidence of nuclear weapons has been found, while a few empty chemical warheads have made Bush salivate) and finding ways to avoid confronting an egregious and in-your-face-obvious weapons build-up in North Korea, Bush finds the time to launch a legal assault against the University of Michigan for its affirmative action policies, signalling to his friends on the Supreme Court which way they are to vote in the case, which is coming up this spring for their consideration. (And he was clueless or insensitive enough to file this brief on the birthday of Martin Luther King!) Accusing the university of using "quotas," even though they clearly are not (they give extra "points" for ethnic diversity in their overall consideration of candidates -- this is not quotas), and of "discrimination" (?? against whom?), Bush speaks out of the second side of his mouth by insisting he believes in diversity. Hey, the color of your skin is fine, as long as you think and act like a conservative Republican (i.e., push through legislation that privileges the rich [most often the white] and promotes the idea that racism no longer has any effects in our society). Bush loves that handfull of people of color he's managed to dig up who think like him (or are opportunistic enough to pretend that they do): Clarence Thomas, Condaleeza Rice, and Ward Connerly.

The latter is the African-American member of the University of California's governing body, the Board of Regents, who spearheaded the abolishment of affirmative action policies at the UC in the late 1990s. Since that time, the number of minorities in the UC has remained more or less constant (this is the statistic on which Bush would like you to focus). However, there is a hidden loss within these larger numbers. The most competitive (so-called elite) UC campuses --- UCLA and Berkeley -- have seen their demographics dramatically shift towards the white since the removal of affirmative action policies. It is at the lower level UCs, such as UC Riverside (a campus that has greatly benefitted from this shift in demographics, becoming one of the most ethnically diverse campuses in the country), that minority numbers have greatly increased. The same has occurred at the University of Texas campuses (touted by Bush as successfully maintaining diversity while abolishing affirmative action, partly under his watch as governor) -- at UT Austin, the most competitive campus in the Texas system, black enrollment has declined by 17%, Latino enrollment by %5 since affirmative action was ruled unconstitutional by the US Court of Appeals in 1996. The numbers are even worse at the professional schools on these campuses -- the UT Law School has seen a 58% drop in black enrollment since 1996.

For Bush to say he is "for diversity" while at the same time making the dishonest statement that the University of Michigan policies "amount to a quota system" based on race -- which is patently untrue -- is disgusting. You can't be in favor of diversifying our schools and other institutions while putting into law nefarious, double-dealing policies that overlook the real disparities that exist when affirmative action is taken away. The creepiest thing is that Bush seems to be ensuring that only people like him get through elite schools and law schools -- people who made mediocre grades and showed absolutely no initiative or intelligence in secondary school but had rich families with ties to the university (Yale in this case) such that they were admitted over other more deserving candidates. (Let's not even go into how connections can help such a person obtain higher office -- even that of President of the US....) What kind of affirmative action is that???

Thanks to National Public Radio and the Los Angeles Times (January 16 and
January 17, 2003 stories) for statistical information.

Make Sure Your Hair Looks Nice
In response to the wave of anti-war protests scheduled for this past weekend and beyond in Washington, the Bush administration has ordered the FBI to install surveillance cameras throughout the city.

Draw your own conclusions.

Korea and Iraq handy pocket guide

Too tricky keeping up with both the NFL Playoffs and international geopolitics? Here's a handy pocket guide free of unnecessary detail, designed to keep you up to date with comings and goings of America's most popular current villains:

Quirk/Country Iraq North Korea
Wpns of MD Probably. Hell yeah, and braggin' about it!
Leader Evil Despot whose image is ubiquitous throughout country Evil Despot whose image is ubiquitous throughout country
Natural Resources Oil and charred military hardware. (much of it originally American supplied) Some remaining tree bark in mountainous regions, lots of bones.
Axis of Evil Charter member. Charter member.
Tried to Kill My Dad Yes. Unknown.
Fave Citizen Subjugation Method Starvation, brutal killing of all dissenting opinion, occasional gassing of outlying citizenry Brutal killing of all dissenting opinion, starvation of millions, complete bi-directional denial of media access to outside world.
Leader's Rise to Power Slaying of enemies, political impediments and a bunch of other folks just for good measure. Took over Dad's business (perhaps why Bush seems more sympathetic to him).
Historic ties with CIA Longtime client Consistent and reliable foe.
Invadeability Big fun, lots of flammable stuff, army runs like girls, foe talks lots of trash giving big bang for buck. Uhhh, standing army of 1,000,000 whose loyalty is bought through regular meals. Big buddy loyalties to China and former Soviet Union, strained, but still problematic.
Global Opinion Citizenry subjugated, but fed. Surge of sympathy vote due to demonization by Bush. Best left alone. Isolated, dangerous unpredictable, home of M*A*S*H and Kim Chee. Best left alone.
Summary Oil, paper tiger, oil, tried to kill my Dad and oil. No oil, very messy invasion scenarios, hasn't tried to kill my Dad yet. No oil.
Action Let's roll. Strike Clinton/Carter like deal while trashing Clinton/Carter.
Saddam weapon watch
12 empty warheads that were not declared by Iraq. Yea!! That's it, baby!!! The smoking gun!! Now we get to kill hundreds, probably thousands of civilians!! Three cheers for the Bush regime!!
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